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About Us

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Our mission

To maintain the highest level of competency, professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness with all clients, fellow subcontractors and suppliers. By exceeding the expectations of all of our trade partners in the construction industry, we ensure our continued growth and prosperity and that of all our trade partners, while we build upon these lasting relationships.

To continue our competitive edge by fostering an atmosphere where each employee takes ownership in their overall quality of work and that of their coworkers, offering continuing education, responsibility, growth and opportunity within the DWPE family.

Danielle Williams

President, CFO

After graduating in 1993 with her Bachelor’s Degree in BA from California State University, Chico. Danielle began her career at a privately owned subcontracting and service business.  During her tenure the business expanded exponentially. In addition to running the day-to-day operations, Danielle was responsible for all project and corporate accounting. Danielle remained a key member of the organization for over 10 years.

Danielle was offered an opportunity to apply her vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry and went to work for custom cabinet manufacturer. It was in this position that Danielle was elevated to CFO, overseeing every aspect of the business finances.

In 2008 Danielle & Dave started Dave Williams Plumbing & Electrical, Inc. given their unique licensing and experience in both Plumbing & Electrical, they felt they could offer their clients and customers more. The business was started out of their house, with Dave serving as the plumber & electrician and Danielle running the administration and marketing. In the intervening years, it has grown from the two of them to as many as 150 employees, with several new construction multi-family podium deck projects and senior housing projects going at once. And with two Southern California locations serving the Coachella Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego Counties.

Dave Williams Plumbing & Electrical, Inc, is a Woman Owned Business, Danielle serves as the President and CFO, overseeing every aspect of the administration of the business, and is hands-on daily.

Dave Williams

Vice President, CEO

A 3rd generation plumber with close to 40 years’ experience in plumbing and over 35 years’ experience in electrical. Young Dave joined his family plumbing business, at the time one of the largest in Southern California. Dave learned all facets of the plumbing construction trade, working alongside his father and grandfather. 

A natural visionary, Dave saw the benefits of adding another trade to the family business. In 1983 Dave branched out to the electrical trade. Working his way to Helix Electric, at the time one of the largest electrical contractors in the country. Within 18 months, Dave was transferred to their Major Contracts Division, running military projects, prisons, water treatment facilities and commercial buildings for the U.S. Department of Energy & Central Intelligence Agency.

Dave returned to the family plumbing business, and created the electrical division where he continued to ply his trade and hone his skills. Dave was responsible for day-to-day management and growth of the family business. Dave rose to the position of COO, managing the growth of the business to multi-millions in annual sales before they sold the business.

Natural entrepreneurs Dave and Danielle started Dave Williams Plumbing & Electrical, Inc. in 2008. Dave worked diligently and methodically to grow the business, dedicated to making it what it is today, a multifaceted subcontracting business which has included as many as 150 plumbers & electricians, and working for some of the biggest general contractors in Southern California.


Vice-President Electrical Division

Tony entered his apprenticeship with the IBEW Local 11 in early 1979, completing his apprenticeship in mid-1983. At the same time, recognizing Tony’s many diverse abilities, he was immediately moved into management and estimating.

In his esteemed 38 year career as an electrical professional Tony has worked at every position in the field, managed crews, operations and divisions. At DWPE Tony’s duties and responsibilities include new business development. Together he and his project engineer work closely on all estimates. Tony negotiates every subcontract agreement. He is responsible for all electrical operations, reporting directly to Dave Williams. Tony institutes and maintains all budgets. He tracks and forecasts every electrical project monthly to ensure strict adherence to established budgets, costs and guidelines.

Tony’s projects include large scale commercial, educational institutions, public work and high end residential.